An Innovative Way to Solve Your Amazon Counterfeit Problem

“Can you solve my Amazon counterfeit problem?” This is another question brand protection managers ask us frequently. 

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. The Gray Falkon method will stop counterfeit on Amazon. Put more precisely, since our approach stops unauthorized sellers of legitimate products, it will also stop sellers of counterfeit products. As a matter of fact, we can probably do them both faster and more accurately than if you hired someone just to tackle your Amazon counterfeit problem.

Stopping counterfeit is expensive and time consuming. It requires investigation, tracking product, proof of IP violation, perhaps litigation, and perhaps an actual takedown of a counterfeit manufacturing and distribution operation. 

But there is a solution to stopping it at the Amazon marketplace level.

Al Capone’s Takedown and How it Relates to Solving Your Amazon Counterfeit Problem

There is a lesson in how law enforcement took down the infamous gangster, Al Capone. He conducted bootlegging and racketeering operations, which included theft and murder. He seemed unbeatable despite being Public Enemy #1.  After seven years of impunity, Al Capone was successfully prosecuted and committed to prison, but not for those crimes. What took him down was actually tax evasion.  


The Gray Falkon brand protection system is similar. There are approximately 1,000 pages of Amazon’s seller rules in place, but only a tiny part of that covers counterfeit. You don’t need to prove actual counterfeit to evict sellers of counterfeit products, because other violations of  Amazon’s seller policies can accomplish the removal of a seller’s listings just as effectively as a counterfeit violation. You don’t need to get them on counterfeit (the eCommerce version of theft and murder) on the black market, when you can nab them for a different Amazon infraction. You just have to find their “tax evasion” to get it done.


Recently, we helped a medical diagnostics company clean up its digital shelf and go after unauthorized sellers to United States consumers at over 75% off the approved price. Many of these were counterfeit, and we were able to take down the sellers because of their Amazon violations. As it turns out, these third party sellers were violating FDA rules, so in response Amazon not only took them down, they added regulations in their seller policies  that are specific to their products. 


By referencing Amazon’s seller policies, you can identify and document all violations being committed by rogue sellers. Part of the Gray Falkon method is engaging illegitimate sellers, citing specific rules they are violating, and giving them the opportunity to self-police by removing their illegitimate listings. When that doesn’t work, you can begin engaging Amazon by providing documentation of policy violations and filing complaints.

Conducting test buys can be an important part of documenting policy violations committed by unauthorized sellers and sometimes you might receive a counterfeit product while executing test buys. But, it doesn’t need to be a counterfeit product to have a seller’s listings removed.

Engaging unauthorized sellers and engaging Amazon in concert is the most effective and efficient way to remove illegitimate sellers, whether or not they are selling counterfeit goods. 

Yes. You can beat counterfeit sellers on Amazon, and we can help you.

About the Author

Trajan Bayly, CEO of Gray Falkon, is an award-winning innovator across multiple industries, including e-commerce, technology, health, and finance. As a 20-year business veteran and recognized expert in market strategy, innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Trajan’s leadership experience spans a wide spectrum, from startup technology companies to large, global organizations like Ernst & Young and General Electric.