Full Deployment: The power of intelligent automation combined with human intelligence.

We recover your lost sales and protect your consumer experience from unauthorized sellers. Choosing Gray Falkon isn’t about implementing a tool – it’s about harnessing a dedicated superpower.

We firmly believe in the [super]power of artificial intelligence and automation combined with human intelligence. By activating our Full Deployment solution tailored to meet your brand’s unique needs, you receive the power and speed of AI, scalability of automation, and a dedicated brand success strategist.

Starting at $6,500/month

Ideal for brands with $15M+ annual eCommerce sales.

Dedicated Brand Success Strategist

Collaborating on a strategic eCommerce plan

Development and execution of Full Deployment campaign

Implementation of Seller Engagement and Marketplace Engagement solutions

Review of monthly reports and analytics of your brand’s Full Deployment activation

Platforms & Marketplaces

AmazonAmazon marketplace in any jurisdiction (US, FR, UK, etc.) One jurisdiction included; each additional jurisdiction is an add-on charge.

WalmartWalmart marketplace in U.S. and Canada One jurisdiction included; each additional jurisdiction is an add-on charge.

eBayeBay marketplace in any jurisdiction (US, FR, UK, etc.). One jurisdiction is included; each additional jurisdiction is an add-on charge.

Mercado LibreMarketplaces in each of their jurisdictions (BR, AR, MX, CL, CO, etc.) One jurisdiction included; each additional jurisdiction is an add-on charge.

Other MarketplacesMarketplaces in each of their jurisdictions (BR, AR, MX, CL, CO, etc.) One jurisdiction included; each additional jurisdiction is an add-on charge.


Immediate Access to Cloud-Based DataYou will be issued login credentials for one user to view changes in the marketplace on the products you are covering.

Identify, Evict, Block, Track, and Monitor Illegitimate Seller BehaviorArtificial intelligence will automatically and continuously identify, evict, block, track, and monitor seller misbehavior which may include unauthorized variations of your listings and misuse of your images and brand among other policy.

Value of Sellers' InventoryPredictive analytics quantify the number of items sellers are holding in inventory and the price at which they are selling.

Dynamic Real-Time DashboardsInteractive dashboards to track progress, identify trends and capture detail and impact of focus areas

ROI/MAP Compliance ReportingPerformance against your KPIs such as 3rd party sales prevented and compliance with pricing guidelines are added to dashboard

Capture of Product Sourcing (leakage)Seller communications that convince sellers to provide source of inventory including valid invoices.

Seller Contact InfoSeller profile page, direct communications and database to uncover the true identities of sellers.

Document IP ViolationsArtificial intelligence automatically records information to support claims such as source image URLs, USPTO registrations, and specific policy language.

Deep Seller Research Gray Falkon deploys our expansive database, professional research team, test buy programs, seller communications, and seller contact database to help brands identify leakages in their distribution channel.

Seller Engagement

Managed Communication

Company Branding on LetterheadAdd your branded elements such as logo and contact information to further legitimize messages from you.

All Sellers on SKUsCover all sellers on the SKUs (ASINs, ProductIDs, etc.) regardless of count.

Multiple/Customizable LettersCreate and change your messages to sellers to tailor the tone, language and circumstance that matches your brand's unique situations.

AI-Driven Dialogue with Sellers300+ AI enforcement agents are given strict guidelines within which they will have two way conversations with sellers to persuade them to remove listings. (optional program)

Customize List of SellersDetermine which sellers will receive communications and reported to the marketplace for violations.

Immediately Contact New SellersSystem will issue preauthorized communication within hours of new product listings in marketplace to detract sellers before they establish a significant sales presence.

Seller Registration ProgramCollect information from sellers to uncover legitimate customers and shape enforcement approaches and timing.

Coordination of Letters and Policy ComplaintsArtificial Intelligence will automatically execute timing of messages and timing of complaints to maximize likelihood of unauthorized seller to take the requested action(s).

Marketplace Engagement

Identify IP Policy ViolationsArtificial intelligence will automatically identify seller misbehavior which may include unauthorized variations of your listings, use of your images (including derivatives), and misuse of other brand elements.

Identify Marketplace T&C Policy ViolationsArtificial intelligence automatically broadens enforcement capabilities by using the terms & conditions governing sellers (e.g., condition reporting, product descriptions, checklists, shipping requirements and product expiration timelines).

Test Buy Program (Add-on)Accumulate evidence of misbehavior through buying products and identifying issues. Opt-in for Gray Falkon to conduct periodic audits of randomly selected illegimate sellers and product listings to identify issues and accumulate evidence of marketplace violations. - Learn More

Submit Marketplace ViolationsArtificial intelligence automatically documents and submits policy violations through most effective reporting channels.

Escalate Marketplace ViolationsArtificial intelligence automatically tracks marketplace enforcement and refiles submissions that aren't yet accepted.

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