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The superpower that protects your brand against rogue sellers.

Gray Falkon’s proprietary AI and automation technology whose sole purpose is to protect YOUR online sales and guard YOUR brand against rogue sellers. Gray Falkon’s technology evicts 85%-95% of illegitimate sellers by simultaneously activating three components: data science, seller engagement, marketplace violation filing

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Proprietary AI and Automation technology drives our process.

Unmatched Data Science

Our AI creates a detailed profile of each illegitimate seller in eCommerce marketplaces, analyzing and predicting their behavior in order to create an effective response to their activity.

Relentless Seller Engagement

We use eCommerce marketplace policies to construct tailored responses to convince sellers to remove their listings.

Effective Marketplace Violation Filing

Create the necessary arguments and workflows to get marketplaces to take action. As eCommerce marketplaces evolve, our AI learns and adapts new strategies to improve its effectiveness. Gray Falkon’s AI and automation technology deftly maneuvers complicated and ever-changing marketplace ecosystems.

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