about us

We are eCommerce superheroes!

Even though we’re able to accomplish things that nobody thought were possible, we’re still pretty much just regular people with some pretty amazing superpowers!

“What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? They surrender.” - Superman

Our Mission

Our heroic team combined with our proprietary artificial intelligence and automation technology, defends our customers by giving them the power to take back sales and combat illegitimate sellers in the eCommerce universe.

Our Culture

Our culture is more than just a mere identity – it’s our collective superpower that propels us to extraordinary heights. We embrace a culture that is vibrant, inclusive, and fueled by the energy of innovation.

At Gray Falkon, our culture forms the bedrock upon which our success rests. It empowers us to embrace challenges, unleash our potential, and make a positive impact on the world. Together, we forge a culture that is truly superhuman.

Meet the Leadership Team

Mike Ballard


Trajan Bayly


Mandy Bingham

VP Brand Success

Doug Dent

Chief Revenue Officer

Brooke Jones

Manager of Brand Success

Brandt Madsen

Chief Product Officer

Karissa Major

Strategic Operations Manager

Avery McCusker

Director Business Development

Suzanne Montgomery

VP Strategic Partnerships

Iris Seaman

Senior Data Scientist


Interesting in joining our team of superheroes?

We’re always looking for talented individuals ready to become superheroes.

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