Employee Spotlight: Jeff Doff

Gray Falkon Welcomes New Global Director of Partnerships, Jeff Doff


We are thrilled to announce that Jeff Doff has joined the Gray Falkon team as Global Director of Partnerships. Jeff comes to us with over 15 years of rich experience in brand and product management, during which he has demonstrated a passion for protecting and growing revenues while maintaining brand integrity for brands including Playtex, Banana Boat, TOMY, Born Free, and Summer Infant.

Jeff has been instrumental in managing and scaling multi-million dollar programs with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, and creating partnerships with renowned brands and companies including Juicy Juice (Nestlé), Earth’s Best (Hain Celestial), and Huggies (Kimberly-Clark).

Jeff earned an MBA with a focus on marketing from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University.

At Gray Falkon, Jeff will be leveraging his expertise to develop and nurture strategic partnerships that align with our mission of protecting clients’ revenues and brand integrity across online marketplaces.

Please join us in welcoming Jeff to our team!

Getting personal…


What attracted you to join the Gray Falkon team? In my early days as a product manager, eCommerce was a fledgling component of our strategy. Witnessing the explosive growth of eCommerce, I’ve enjoyed the benefits as a consumer but have been impacted by the emerging challenges as a brand and product manager. Gray Falkon’s proactive stance, innovative solutions, and success in enabling brands to regain control in the digital marketplace is what drew me in. I’m excited to be a part of a team that’s not just observing the eCommerce revolution, but actively shaping a landscape where brands can flourish.

What, in your opinion, is the biggest myth about eCommerce protection that needs to be debunked? The pervasive myth is the sense of helplessness many feel – the belief that unauthorized sellers are an unstoppable force. The frustration felt across sales, legal, and brand teams is palpable. But this is exactly the myth Gray Falkon dispels with our cutting-edge approach, transforming the narrative from helplessness to empowerment, enabling brands to effectively reclaim their sense of ownership and integrity in the eCommerce domain.

Why is now the best time for businesses to invest in advanced eCommerce protection like Gray Falkon? Proactivity is key in today’s fast-paced eCommerce arena. Waiting for external pressures like retailer demands, lost revenues, wasted ad spend, consumer complaints, or distribution losses isn’t just reactive, it’s risky. Engaging with Gray Falkon is a strategic move to bolster a brand’s position, drive growth, and build a robust defense mechanism against unauthorized sellers. Now is the time for brands to become frontrunners in their protection strategy, and Gray Falkon is the ally that makes this possible.

If Gray Falkon were a movie superhero, who would we be and why? Rather than as a superhero, I see Gray Falkon more as the quintessential sidekick – think Hermione meets Chewbacca. We may not be the face on the poster, but our role is pivotal in supporting the hero / brand team. Like Hermione, we bring intelligence and a touch of AI magic. Like Chewbacca, we provide the strength and reliability to back it up. Together, we empower our clients – the true heroes, like Harry Potter and Han Solo – to triumph in their quests against the forces that threaten their market success.

How do you incorporate creativity and productivity in your day-to-day tasks? Creativity and productivity for me often come from collaboration with innovative tools, platforms, and people. ChatGPT has become a valued thought partner, offering fresh perspectives and aiding brainstorming sessions. For me, it’s about leveraging technology to enhance human ingenuity. I also enjoy leading hackathons and brainstorming sessions with cross-functional team members.

What’s the most daring adventure you’ve ever embarked upon? A year-long journey across the United States by Greyhound bus, after college, was my odyssey. With just a backpack, an open mind, and a keen sense of adventure, I explored intentional communities and ecovillages across the country. It was an exploration of both the world around me and the boundaries of my own curiosity and resilience.

What is something you enjoy when you’re not working? Away from the pulsing beat of eCommerce and strategic partnerships, I embrace different rhythms – channeling my inner Ted Lasso as a soccer coach, embracing the ocean’s dynamics as a budding surfer, and immersing in the fluidity of improvisational dance. Each of these pursuits are ways that I connect with presence, joy, and continuous personal development.


Interested in connecting with Jeff and discussing solutions to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon and Walmart? Email Jeff.

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