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Medium sized brand that designs and manufactures specialty home electric products which are then sold through a large distribution network none of which were authorized to sell products online. The company launched e-Commerce initiatives to increase revenue across multiple channels. Sales and eCommerce leaders encountered a high number of sellers who were stealing the buy box through impossibly low pricing. The brand hired Gray Falkon to help beginning with their top 20 SKUs on Amazon.




The company started with 20 top revenue producing SKUs. Gray Falkon’s newly innovated on-boarding technology enabled brand protection to begin within 1 week.

Because the company felt great urgency, Gray Falkon initiated Amazon policy violations simultaneously with seller engagement which significantly accelerated the impact.

In just 16 days, Gray Falkon innovation removed 81% of the seller problem.

One reason we created Gray Falkon is due to the time and expense constraints of typical brand protection solutions. For example, legal remedies can take up to a year and often even longer.

Our approach and the powerful software behind it can accomplish results that people would call miraculous.

With Gray Falkon, a significant part of your brand protection problem can be solved in less than a month.

Let’s achieve miraculous things for your brand!







Through its artificial intelligence-backed system called HORUS, Gray Falkon performed an exhaustive audit of the company’s gray market, identifying all illegitimate sellers, their listings, and their violations of Amazon policies.



HORUS launched a series of campaigns at sellers, warning them to remove illegitimate listings. Simultaneously, HORUS reported violations of marketplace policies to get Amazon to take action against these rogue sellers.



Continuous protection from HORUS was implemented to help protect this company from future rogue sellers attempting to damage their brand.




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