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Illegitimate third-party sellers are legion and relentless. They change product listings, create new versions of them, steal marketing assets, and damage the consumer experience. Marketplaces have rules and publish dire consequences for those sellers that would violate those agreements, but justice is often elusive, and many sellers operate with impunity.   

It is overwhelming for anyone, but not you.  You are no mere mortal with virtually unlimited power to engage the marketplaces to correct the wrongs that sellers are inflicting on your consumers and your brand. You are backed by an AI system never sleeps, and is not fooled by tricksters trying to steal your images by distorting your images or creatively misusing your trademark. It is also practically prescient in navigating the complexities of reporting bad behavior: what to report, how to report it, and when to do it.

Engage The Marketplace

Analyze Product Listings

Document Product Violations

Report Product Listing Infractions

Escalate Until Seller Removal

marketplace solution

Marketplace Engagement System

Launch AI Workflows
  • Process onboarding information
  • Capture brand’s proprietary images 
  • Analyze illegitimate images (including derivitaves and manipulations)
  • Trigger violation workflow
Get illegitimate content removed
  • File violation complaints with marketplace(s)
  • Monitor marketplace action
  • Escalate and repeat violation filing as-appropriate
  • Daily scoreboard and summary data
  • Track progress against success metrics
case study

Win Buy Box

Consumer health and nutrition brand losing share of revenue to illegitimate sellers on Amazon listing.

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“The only company in the marketplace that can achieve the results we need. They have the technology. They have the analytics. They have the only process that works. No one else is even close.”

Deejay Smith

Director Global Brand Protection, Lifescan

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