Illegitimate sellers damage your brand integrity. Rogue third-party sellers are stealing your Buy Box and sending products that are:​

  • Different from the one featured on the Product Detail Page​
  • Clearly used or returned inventory​
  • Old, damaged, beaten up, etc.​
  • Expired or otherwise compromised​
  • Covered in random stickers, tracking labels, third-party branding, etc.​
  • Accompanied by solicitations for consumer product reviews, buying directly from third-parties, etc.​

Recently, the Gray Falkon team audited 132 purchased products for a global consumer health products company. Of those products, 100 had problems severe enough to negatively impact the consumer experience. 76%!​

Through the CX audit tool, you can document illicit practices, protect your consumers and restore your lost Buy Box.​

The process is simple:​

  1. Purchase product from the targeted seller(s)​
  2. Audit the product using the CX Audit tool​
  3. Document with images as-delineated​
  4. Press “enter”​

HORUS will automatically file and escalate each documented issue up to 10 times (pending listing removal).



Includes 15 uploads

+5 Uploads /mo
+10 Uploads /mo
+15 Uploads /mo

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Total amount: $799 /mo